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What my clients are saying...

    Thank you so very much for your time last Thursday.  You did a magnificent job on my
    place, and I simply love being home how.  It is easy to see why your work is so well-
    regarded in the area and throughout the country!  My friend commented,  "This looks
    like a model home!" You are truly talented, and I look forward to working with you
    again in the future.  
    Andrea Gulden

    Rachel has designed three of my homes, as well as my office.  Each space is beautiful
    and it's all because of her.  Rachel has a "sixth sense" when it comes to design--she
    instinctively knows how to put a look together that fits your style and budget.  I wouldn't
    trust my space to anyone else!"
    Ellen Labgold, (River Creek) Leesburg, VA

    I would and HAVE recommended Rachel to many of my friends.  In the past 9 years she
    has decorated 3 custom homes for me.  She is truly a creative genius.  We have literally
    begun each time at the builders’ design centers choosing tile, hardwood, carpet etc. and  
    followed the process along to placing the last (perfect) decorative accessory.  Rachel
    has the ability to capture her clients’ taste – my home doesn’t reflect HER taste, but
    rather she selects items reflect mine.   She is adept at taking her clients wishes and
    expanding them so that they create something that is really special and unique.   Her
    energy and zest for design make her such a pleasure to work with that my husband
    CHOOSES to participate in projects when he otherwise wouldn’t.  She is the absolute
    Nicole Cragin

    "We have worked with Rachel for 8 years.  Our home in Great Falls looks lovely without
    being overdone.  Each space we've created has its own feel and character.  Rachel is
    very adept at interpreting how to achieve the feel we want and incorporates things we
    already own into each project.  She is wonderful at achieving results without spending
    ridiculous amounts of money.  Our home is our sanctuary and we are very pleased with
    the spaces we have created together.  
    M. G., Great Falls, VA

    "Rachel helped bring chaos into order.  Now our home is inviting and  beautiful.  Best of
    all, everything is touchable and durable. Just what we needed for our family of three
    children and two dogs!"  
    Tracey S.,  Silver Spring, MD

    "Our cavernous, high-ceilinged great room now feels warm and cozy thanks to Rachel's
    layout, colors and textures.  It's our favorite spot in the house."   
    Michael E., Great Falls, VA
Rachel Erim
Interior Design

Client Testimonials
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